Recognition programs should support your corporate strategy and goals. That’s why we are so much more than a rewards vendor. We focus on helping you develop effective recognition programs that produce a positive return on investment by attracting, motivating and retaining top performers. In fact, we were the first to offer an enterprise-level employee recognition system that defines, measures, and rewards performance and safety achievements that support organizational goals.
Design Marketing can deliver branded merchandise. But that’s not where our clients find the most value. We have decades of experience developing innovative strategies for promotional programs. That means that even though you might need something with your logo on it, our team looks at your overall marketing strategy and delivers creative solutions that engage your customers in ways that make them remember more than your name- they remember what your brand stands for.
Merchandising your brand means rewarding your customers and employees with both consistency and choice. That’s what our brand MarketPlace does for you. With MarketPlace you can offer a broad range of branded premium items without carrying inventory. And, you can rest assured that each item will carry a consistent identity. Whether you want to give an important client a gift, reward a top performing employee or give an incentive to your customers, MarketPlace makes it possible and affordable.