Corporate Branding Programs

A brand is a valuable corporate asset, and interestingly, its value lies in the emotional bond that is created between an organization, its employees, and its customers. The loyalty that comes as a result of that bond is built over time and happens in several ways. Whether it evolves through a series of personal experiences time with the company or through carefully crafted image campaigns, people form an opinion about a company that translates into dollars. Enthusiastic, engaged employees are more productive and loyal customers purchase regularly, through good and bad economies.

Brand awareness serves as an important foundation to business activity. Branded merchandise is a tangible and cost-effective resource to build awareness. Placing your corporate logo on quality merchandise that is useful and has a high perceived value directly places your brand in the hands of your target audience. Aligning your brand with nationally recognized merchandise brands is another way to further develop your brand’s perception with an audience.

Design Marketing’s creative team will meet with your marketing team, ad agency, customers, or other stakeholders to understand program needs and branding standards and then plan a mix of products that is unique, useful, and relevant to your corporate objectives. The team will have detailed knowledge of the merchandise in your program and will understand how your brand interacts with employees and customers.

Marketplace, Design Marketing’s online merchandise catalog, will house your program. Its look and feel will be customized to your brand. Our technology team can also design an interface that seamlessly integrates with your front-end systems, HRIS, and any procurement systems in place.