Employee Recognition Programs

General Market Conditions

For the first time in American history, there are four generations of workers in the workplace. Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials – each with different characteristics, work habits, expectations, and needs.

The situation is compounded by the fact that the competition for talent is global and despite the current economic situation, there is a shortage of knowledge workers and skilled labor that can add value to a company and move it forward. The shortage is estimated to be 10,000,000 by 2010 and has created a leadership gap.
  • Traditionalist and Baby Boomers retire
  • Generation X half the size of Boomers
  • Fewer workers poised for management

According to Deloitte Consulting, LLP as published in their annual employers’ survey, the number one employer challenge cited is:

This concern only encompasses employers’ need to attract qualified employees to RUN their existing organization – not even take it forward in this new economy. And believe it or not for the first time in several years, this concern edged out the cost of providing healthcare coverage to employees.

Even if employers can find the right talent, they recognize that delivering a rewards program uniformly across an enterprise is a logistics challenge that is made more complicated by the multigenerational and life-style driven needs of their workforce.

Our Solution

PerformanceLink is our proprietary enterprise-level web-based employee recognition system. It drives, tracks, measures, and administers customized awards programs. It is an operational framework that delivers your program efficiently and effectively, integrating your existing business process with technology and closing the loop between the standard employee evaluation, performance recognition, and financial accountability.
  • Allocate budgets by business unit and track costs
  • Improve retention of experienced employees
  • Identify top performers and replicate what they are doing to create enterprise value
  • Ensure accuracy, objectivity, and accountability
  • Reward employees with cash, bonus, or life-style merchandise
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