How We Do It

Program Design and Deployment Consulting

Working in partnership with our clients, we employ best practices for program design, launch, and communications that incorporate your brand, values, and strategic objectives, ensuring the success of your program. We combine consulting services with state of the art technology for operational support.
  • Establish program objectives and uniform criteria
  • Brand your program with company branding standards
  • Develop staged launch and communications strategy
  • Continuously promote employee participation


Once your program’s objectives, criteria and processes have been defined, our merchandising specialists go to work. Matching the appropriate merchandise to a message or an award is critical for program credibility. We offer hundreds of nationally recognized name brands, with choices for all ages and life-style interests.

Giving cash or a payroll bonus for an award as part of a recognition program? Both? Our PerformanceLink system matches the merchandise or cash award to the recipient’s records and provides reports to the finance department for proper tax reporting.

Strategic Reporting

Because we have a strong belief in transparency and accountability, our programs have a heavy emphasis on measurement and reporting.
  • Financial and tax reporting
  • Transaction history
  • Spending trends against budget allocation
  • Reports roll up from individual to enterprise
  • Custom reports available